Company Profile

Ellidiss Technologies is an organisation focused on the real-time embedded software market. In particular it has as its mission the supply of software tools, consultancy, training and other related services to Worldwide clients involved in this market. At present the company is principally focussed on the space, aerospace, and transport markets and has as its clients many of the leading organisations in these fields.

The company markets software tools supporting AADL architecture description language and HOOD software development process. Ellidiss strongly promotes Model Driven System and Software Engineering (MBSE) and provides many model processing and transformation tools using its home-made powerful technology on top of the Prolog language: Logic Model Processing (LMP). This technology is a perfect solution to insure digital continuity across the software development life-cycle, from System Engineering (SysML, Capella, FACE) to Software Design (HOOD, AADL) and Early Verification (Real-Time Analysis and Simulation, Safety and Security Analysis) to efficiently reach Automatic Code Generation (Ada, C/C++) with synchronised documentation.

Software tools offered to these markets include CP HOOD, STOOD and AADL Inspector. CP HOOD is used widely in the development of many European military aeroplanes including Eurofighter, Tornado, Nimrod, Hawk and Harrier; STOOD is widely used in the space satellite market and in Airbus aircraft and helicopter developments and is one of the foremost tools in the support of the AADL standard; AADL Inspector can import standard AADL source text as well as convert SysML, Capella or FACE models to perform advanced static, timing, safety and security analysis.

Ellidiss Technologies provides a full range of services to its clients including the provision of training courses, consultancy, and the provision of specialist advice and developments. Ellidiss Software works closely with key organisations such as the European Space Agency, Ada Europe, and actively contributes to the SAE AS-2C standardisation committee that specifies the AADL language.

Key clients currently include: Airbus, AVIC, BAE Systems, Deimos Space, European Space Agency, Faiveley, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Indra, Leonardo, Northrop Grumman and Thales.