Software tools for aerospace, space, transport & defence

Ellidiss Software is a leading supplier of software tools to international organisations in aerospace, space, transport, defence and academia. Technologies supported by the tools include AADL, UML 2.0, HRT-HOOD, Requirements Analysis, and Software Method Prototyping. The company maintains its leading position through its involvement in standards committees and R & D projects, and by close cooperation with key organisations such as the European Space Agency, Ada Language organisations – SIGAda and Ada Europe, together with key Aerospace organisations worldwide.


STOOD is a ‘state of the art’ hybrid real time software toolset supporting a range of methods and languages including AADL, HOOD, UML, C, C++ and Ada. STOOD, a major design tool used by AIRBUS offers reverse engineering and round trip editing as well as certification assistance…more


CP HOOD is a real time design development software toolset specifically geared to military avionics. It embodies the HOOD method and is aimed at Ada development. The functionality of this toolset has been driven primarily by the requirements of projects such as Eurofighter Typhoon, Hawk and Tornado….more

AADL Inspector

AADL Inspector is a new standalone tool that can analyse multi-file standard AADL projects. It comes with a set of analysis plug-ins that can be extended with additional rules checkers and bridgers for remote verification tools.

Current Product Developments

We are currently developing CP HOOD version 7.2. It includes the following enhancements:

Extra Diagram Editor facilities including use of colour, scrolling using the middle mouse button and deletion using the Delete key.

A new code generator to allow a more configurable code generation.

An additional document format as part of the document generation.

If you have any comments or would like to suggest any further additions to CP HOOD please email me (Pam)