AADL Inspector 1.8

AADL Inspector 1.8 is ready for download

Release 1.8 of AADL Inspector includes an update of many existing internal features and external tools. The main changes are listed below:

  • Update of Cheddar to release 3.2
  • Update of the OpenPSA Fault Tree generator
  • Major update of the LAMP plugin:
    • New Scheduling Aware end-to-end Flow Analysis (SAFLA) plugin, written with LAMP.
    • New Security rules checker, written with LAMP.
    • New FACE™ to AADL import, written with LAMP.
    • New customizable SysML to AADL import, written with LAMP.
    • New LAMP laboratory to experiment complex assurance case tools and multi-model processing

Please look at the AADL Inspector 1.8 Quick Start Guide and User Manual for further details, and go to the download page to get a trial version of the product.

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