Features in Stood 5.4 and AADL Inspector 1.2

STOOD 5,4 and AADL Inspector 1.2 are now available.

Stood 5.4 supports the latest release of the SAE AADL standard (AS-5506 rev B) by providing updated versions of the AADL code generator to interact with the other AADL compliant tools and the AADL code reversor to create diagrams from textual specifications.

Stood 5.4 also embeds AADL Inspector 1.2 for AADL code analysis.

AADL Inspector 1.2 includes updated versions of the following analysis tools:

  • Cheddar v3, including schedulability analysis for ARINC 653 partitioned systems
  • AADL 2.1 static rules checker
  • improved management of multi-files projects