New Features in CP-HOOD release 7.1

CP HOOD release 7.1 is now available.

Compare Facility

Version 7.1 includes a new facility to compare designs, objects or units. This allows you to compare a variant with the master or with another variant of the same master. You can also compare two different versions of the same unit.

The Compare facility uses the UNIX “sdiff” command to compare informal text units and ODSs.

Compare can also display lists of units showing which units are different and which only occur in one of the designs.

Extended Integrity Checker

The HPROBE integrity checker has been extended to perform a more thorough test on the data. It now checks that the list of objects in the dictionary is consistent with the directories. It also checks that the shared elements of variants are the same as the master. Where items are indexed, it checks that the indices correctly reflect the data. In the case of EFA customization installations, it checks that all the item names are in capitals.

Improved ODS Import

The program to import ODSs from text files has been re-written. It now handles reserved words in the free text. It additionally continues to scan the text after a syntax error has been found so that it can report more than one error.

Further Support for Variants

The variants feature added in release 7 has been extended. It is now possible to copy units or objects from a variant. In addition, the rename facility can now be used in variants.