New Features in CP-HOOD release 7.2

CP HOOD release 7.2 is now available.

Improved Diagram Editor

Several improvements have been made to the diagram editing programs:-

  • The formal diagrams (HOOD diagrams, DFDs and STDs) are now in colour. Each symbol type has a colour. These can be modified using the maintenance program (HMAINT).
  • The canvas can be dragged by pressing the middle button and moving the mouse.
  • Items can be deleted from diagrams by pressing the delete key

New ADA Code generator

The code generator has been re-written. The new program makes it easier to control the style of the generated code

New EFA Document Format

A new document format has been added in response to the request EQN-J-460-M-101282. This includes the following features:-

  • Extra text fields on the front cover.
  • Security classification in national language as well as standard NATO classification.
  • Security classification in colour (red for secret, blue for confidential, black otherwise).
  • Security classification on front cover is same as highest in document.
  • Table with classified pages summary on front cover.
  • The table of contents contains hyperlinks to the pages referred to.

Extra Command Line Options on HMW

Object and design rename and the requirements cross reference export can now be performed non-interactively using command line options to HMW.

Mouse Wheel

The text editors (HITE and HSTE) now allow vertical scrolling using the mouse wheel.

New Options for Object List Program

The object list program (listobjs) has extra command line options to include the security classification in the output and to display details for a single object.

New 64 bit Linux Build

A second Linux version is available built on a 64 bit platform and using Motif 2.3.4.